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December 9, 2020 by Kiet Duong

cPanel License Price Increase

cpanel license price increase

Please note that cPanel has announced a price increase, effective January 1st, 2021. Beginning on January 1st, 2021, we will be automatically updating your cPanel license cost. This change may cause slight adjustments to your current rate. New accounts purchased after January 1st will be under the new pricing model.

The new rate structure below only affect pricing for cPanel Plus and higher. If you’re on cPanel Admin and cPanel Pro your price will remain the same.

New VPS cPanel Pricing:
cPanel Admin Cloud (up to 5 accts) – $14/monthly
cPanel Pro Cloud (up to 30 accts) – $19/monthly
cPanel Plus Cloud (up to 50 accts) – $27/monthly
cPanel Premier Cloud (up to 100 accts) – $34.50/monthly
cPanel Premier Cloud (up to 150 accts) – $38/monthly
cPanel Premier Cloud (up to 200 accts) – $47/monthly
cPanel Premier Cloud (up to 250 accts) – $56/monthly

Each additional 50 accounts above 250 adds $8.75/monthly.

Dedicated Servers:
cPanel Premier Metal (up to 100 accts) – $34.50/monthly

Additional accounts above 100 follows the cPanel Premier Cloud pricing.





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