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February 15, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

The Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

managed wordpress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is recommended for a number of reasons, one of which is that most business owners are not trained to manage a web server by themselves. It’s more convenient to have an expert on your site handling web hosting and any concern you might have regarding WordPress.

It’s already a given that what you want and need is a WordPress site that can load as fast as possible and works without a hitch even when given the heaviest loads. This is the basic foundation that your content needs if it is to engage visitors and potential customers.

WordPress is indeed that solution. However, if you don’t know much about making it work for you (because it does take tech knowledge to make WordPress run smooth and fast), you may experience problems and not get the results you want. It is for this, and the following reasons that we recommend WordPress hosting:


Hackers don’t rest. They work nonstop trying to look for sites that they can break into. If your website is mainly for e-commerce, where your customers input personal and financial information, you need to work double to ensure your website’s security.

Managed WordPress hosts ensure that there are no vulnerabilities in your website that hackers can get through. The protection of your information and that of your visitors is of utmost importance.


Everybody knows that to convert traffic to actual sales, websites need to rank higher in search engine results pages. Speed is one of the most important metrics for that. If your page load time satisfies your visitors, they’ll keep coming back and remain engaged.

The problem is WordPress sites can become slow from time to time due to technical reasons. Having your WordPress managed means there will be someone monitoring your speed and continuously working on improving it.


There are hosts who only provide support on their own server hardware that if a problem occurs on your website like error messages appearing or it goes down completely, and they find the server is working, they won’t do anything more. Then the problem becomes your burden. But when you don’t have enough knowledge to tackle this, it can get frustrating fast.

Managed WordPress hosts, on the other hand, do not just handle server issues but also MySQL, PHP, and WordPress. There are support lines manned by experts, so any issue can be addressed no matter the software stack level the problem occurs.

And with managed cloud and VPS hosting, you can simply launch your website and watch it grow without you having to worry about all the technical aspects that come with maintaining a website.

Automatic Backups and Updates

If you have a WordPress host managing your site, you won’t have to worry about doing backups yourself. This can be handled for you through automatic backing up at the end of each day, so if there is anything wrong with the site, it would be easy to just restore from a previous version with a few clicks.

Furthermore, WordPress hosts automatically perform updates so that your website runs on the latest WordPress version. All these and more are done without even bothering you!


WordPress hosts prioritize your site speed and security and ensure that not only are you happy with your website but so are your visitors. When you are not worried about maintaining and managing your own WordPress website, you have more time to dedicate to improving your content and growing your business.

IO Zoom can manage your WordPress site and provide you with all the benefits mentioned above. Our web hosting services are provided by experts who can ensure that you won’t miss out on any opportunity caused by downtime and other website problems. Contact us today to learn more about our services!





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