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July 2, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

7 Reasons That Make Free Web Hosting a Terrible Choice

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Free web hosting may be tempting because you can put up a website without paying for anything. However, is it really a good idea? If you plan to establish a brand or you want to put up a personal blog, investing in a good web hosting service is a must, especially if you plan to do it for the long haul. Here are the reasons free web hosting is a definite no-no:

1. You can get malware

Plenty of free web hosting companies can potentially inject malware into your website. Some would even share your personal information with third parties, while others would use free web hosting as a front to steal identities. Additionally, if you get free web hosting, you won’t be protected from hackers because the hosting company doesn’t have the financial resources to implement the proper security measures.

2. You are limited

Free web hosting will severely limit you in terms of bandwidth and data allocations, which means that you might not be able to publish all your content or accommodate high traffic. If you think about it, a free web host is really impractical especially if you intend to scale your business in the future.

3. You will find it unreliable

When your site goes down, who are you going to call? Even if you get to speak to a customer representative, it’s doubtful that they will prioritize your needs. Free web hosting tends to have slow loading speeds and unreliable uptimes, which will likely turn off most of your site visitors.

4. You have no one to contact

As mentioned, even if you get to talk to a customer representative, you won’t get any assurance that they will prioritize your concerns. Some free web hosting services don’t provide you with any customer service at all. When website trouble rears its ugly head, you’ll have nobody to turn to and no idea of when problems will be addressed.

5. You get loads of spam advertising

A free web hosting company’s way to earn money is to allow ads to take space on the sites that they host, which then leads to websites loaded with annoying and unsightly spam. This can put your brand in a bad light, and that’s something that could be detrimental to your online presence.

6. You don’t own it

There are some free web hosting companies that delete their members’ websites for no reason at all. To make matters worse, you won’t even get notified should it happen to you. This can be frustrating especially if you have invested plenty of time and effort building your site. When you sign up for free web hosting, you take on the risk of potentially losing everything.

7. You compromise your brand

The internet is full of businesses, and online users today are more cautious when dealing with brands online. If your website is under free web hosting, it will make you look sketchy and unprofessional, which will drive customers away.


Before you become tempted to build a website under free hosting, remember that there are much better options. The reasons highlighted above are enough for you to reconsider and purchase a reliable web hosting package instead.

If you plan to establish credibility and make sure that your website is as effective as it can be, make the smart choice and invest in a real web host that can give your business the online presence it deserves.

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