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September 21, 2020 by Tanya Aquino

3 Reasons Web Hosting Is Crucial to Your SEO and Website

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SEO-focused content marketing and other digital marketing strategies are the prime focus of most businesses that want to establish a strong presence online. However, these businesses sometimes fail to recognize the importance of web hosting solutions and their primary function in securing organic web traffic and providing access to users. As a business owner, this is how you can gain an advantage over your competitors and become a top player in the online marketing game. 

The article will discuss the importance of a professional web hosting solution in terms of SEO practices. First, we will go over the basic principles of running a website, including its speed and downtime rates. We will then take a more detailed look into its effects on your website’s SEO score and how it reflects on prime search engines, like Google and Bing. 

1. Website speed and downtime 

Generally, if your website is slow and fails to load from your users’ end, you will end up with no engagements and sales. Unfortunately, this is even if you hire the best digital marketer to implement the best PPC campaigns and content marketing on your website. This is because you need web hosting to house a website, such as a typical WordPress website or a secure VPS. 

Your website needs to run at optimal speed and, at least, have minimal downtime to accommodate as many users as it can. This should complement what you are already doing from the backend in terms of SEO. For example, when you design a landing page with the appropriate keywords and CTAs, web hosting secures the users’ entrance and allows them to interact with your site until they are ready to make a purchase. 

The main point is your web hosting service plays an important role in your overall SEO score since most search engine algorithms favor websites that can garner organic traffic and secure it in an impressive amount of time. Therefore, you should invest in a professional VPS even before you think about any SEO tips and tricks to build a strong and lasting online presence. 

2. Security issues

Web hosting also prevents scammers and hackers from infiltrating your website with phishing tactics and other user-related spam. This is often the drawback with free and public-shared web hosting providers that take advantage of your online presence to scam your customers and gain their own profits, reflecting negatively on your SEO score and more knowledgeable users.  

A secure VPS and similarly reliable, professional web hosting solutions are what you need to effectively avoid online attacks from hackers. It also lets you provide trustworthy protection that your users value, which is a valuable plus for search engine algorithms to favor and promote your website. This is because most professional web hosting providers have reliable software like SSD-backed website data and DDoS protection to provide optimal security for their website clients. 

3. Location-based signals

The Internet may seem like it connects the world, but the reality is that location-based servers are what bridge it together. Fortunately, most web hosting solutions have data centers in key locations to service users from different parts of the world. 

From an SEO perspective, this translates to a fast and reliable website that will elevate your rankings on search engines. This is why you should invest in VPS packages with worldwide data centers to gain a competitive advantage and control of your niche. 


Web hosting is an overlooked aspect of most digital marketing services and website owners. Therefore, you should take advantage of this opportunity to gain lucrative business opportunities and value for your online presence. Consider the previously mentioned reasons today and elevate your SEO score with reliable web hosting solutions. 

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