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January 25, 2021 by Tanya Aquino

2 Key Reasons Your Business Must Invest In a VPS: Our Guide


Virtual Private Servers: In recent years, these technological upgrades have become a “must-invest” because of the sheer difference they make in the way businesses interact with the online world. 

As a business owner, you’ve probably become familiar with the service in question after improving your data servers and accompanying business services. If your website has been selling products or providing various services through a website for quite some time now, then you’re no stranger to investing and researching for new solutions.

While there are many different options to consider and other possibilities that you can worry about when maximizing your current IT structure, the opportunity to get a VPS stands out above all else. However, this same opportunity to attain a more secure connection also bears another question that needs to be answered: “What can I expect from investing in a VPS?”

Why it matters to consider getting a VPS

You might not see it now, but your website is essentially a vital hotspot for sensitive data because of its interactions with your customers who inquire, purchase, and put in their details every day. 

Considering that websites that sell products and services and provide information have thousands to millions of streams of data passing them every day, it’s safe to say that they require extra protection. Fortunately, it is in situations like these where a VPS can come in and improve your website’s safety measures with its versatility, scalability, and top-quality reliability. 

A few key benefits that will convince you to make the switch

Compared to a standard shared hosting server set-up, virtual private servers bear a significant amount of benefits that can’t be found with the former, thanks to the way they’re built and how they operate. To best understand why you should invest in the online tool in question and upgrade your website’s online security with it, here are a few key benefits that are well worth considering:

Benefit #1: Unhampered security 

One of the most prominent reasons anyone should invest in a virtual private server is that it elevates the level of security that their website upholds for its data (and that of its users). 

When you take the initiative to invest in a VPS solution, it becomes easier to ensure that your website’s security is as airtight as can be because of the way it adds a padded level of security for your website. By sealing off access to your network and only letting authorized personnel in, you won’t have to worry about any problems like DDoS attacks, hacking, or other related issues that may compromise your security!

Benefit #2: Hassle-free maintenance

At this point, the mere mention of IT work and maintenance is something that may cause you to groan because of how difficult both tasks are over time. Thankfully, switching over to a VPS system for your website will make a world of difference and tune down your need for maintenance periods and stressful servicing.

When you invest in a virtual private server—such as those provided by IO Zoom—you won’t need to worry about maintenance-related matters because an outsourced team takes care of maintenance and updates. With your server not being on-site and right in the property of your chosen service provider, you won’t have to shell out more money hiring an in-house team!


Although it’s no secret that infrastructure-related concerns should be at the top of your priority list today, it’s worth noting that no option is more applicable or helpful than a virtual private server. Through this impactful piece of technology, you’ll get to take your cybersecurity to the next level while easing up the IT-related matters on your plate! 

At this point, you may want to consider a new VPS online for your business—which is where I/O Zoom can help. We specialize in providing world-class hosting solutions for websites all over the US, Amsterdam, and the UK, with eight different data centers scattered across the globe. Get in touch with our IT experts today to learn more about how you can experience top-level hosting!





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